Friday, December 01, 2006

Spearhead - Positive

Spearhead & Michael Franti

Make me, make me sweat
till I'm wet, till I'm dry
but then wipe this tear from my eye
haven't felt this warm in a long time
even out in the bright sunshine
in a lifetime of springtime

I fall into your arms
with my heart pumpin' on
like a bubblin' dub treck
like a garlicy hot tongue and lip smack

I did some contemplation
before we got down to this consecration
maybe baby somethin in your kiss said
it was an impetous,
for me to re-think this.

If I love you,
then I better get tested
make sure we're protected

I walk through the park
dressed like a question mark
I hear my memory bak
in the back of my brain,
makin' me insane ... cocaine.

But how'm I gonna live my life if I'm positive?
Is it gonna be a negative?
How'm I gonna live my life if I'm positive?
Is it gonna be a negative?
but how'm I gonna live my life If I'm positive?

It dawned on me, it seemed to me
this is unusual scenery,
this red light greenery
make me feel kinda dreamery,
thinkin'how I used to be

Arrive at the clinic
walk through the front door
take a nervous number
then I think some more
about all the time
that I neglected
makin sure that
I was protected.

They took my blood
With an anonymous number
two weeks waitin' wonderin'

I shoulda done this a long time ago
alot of excuses why I couldn't go
I know these things and these things I must know
'Cause it's better to know than to not know!


I go home to kick it
in my apartment
I try to give myself
a risk assessment
the wait is what can really annoy ya
everyday's more paranoya

I'm readin' about how it's transmitted
some behavior I must admit it.
who I slept with, who they slept with,
who they, who they, who they slept with.

I think about life and immortality
what's the first thing I do if I'm H.I.V.
have a cry and tell my mother
get on the phone and call my past lovers
I never thought about infectin' anotha
all the times that I said "Hmm? Don't bother."

Was it really all that magic?
the times I didn't use a prophalactic
Would my whole life have to change?
or would my whole life remain the same?
sometimes it makes me wanna shout!
all these things too hard to think about
a day to laugh, a day to cry
a day to live and a day to die
'till I find out, I may wonder
but I'm not gonna live my life six feet under



Anonymous Cris S. said...

How am I gonna live my life if I'm positive... a mensagem é transmitida num ritmo delicioso, faz vc pensar, cantar e dançar (ao mesmo tempo). Quem é o cara, Re??

6:08 AM  
Blogger Regina said...


O nome dele e' Michael Franti. Ele e' o lider da banda Spearhead e escreve musicas super politicas. Ele mora em San Francisco. Vale a pena dar uma checada. O que eu acho legal e' que ele usa rap e hip hop que sao populares com os jovens mas com letras inteligentes.



11:00 AM  
Blogger Regina said...


Eu tb respondi o seu comentario no outro post sobre a anorexia. Por favor, de uma olhada.



11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

É mesmo, Regina, letra bastante inteligente. E esta doença é uma luta, infelizmente, para tanta gente.

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Cris said...

Obrigada, Regina.
Eu não li o artigo (do post abaixo), vou ler qdo tiver mais tempo.
Vou procurar saber mais da banda porque eu gostei muito da música.
bjs e boa semana!!
P.S. Chove sem parar na minha terra...

5:57 AM  
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Blogger roba gad said...

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