Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto - 1953 - 2007

A primeira notícia que eu li hoje de manhã enquanto tomava o meu café foi sobre o assassinato de Benazir Bhutto. Uma perda terrível para o Paquistão, o mundo islâmico e o mundo.


As I was driving home from a poetry reading

Someone was wrapping a bomb around his body

Life and death crossing the invisible veils of time zones

Did he say a prayer before? Did he think of a loved one?

As I slept in my peaceful cocoon

Someone on the other side of the world

Shot and killed Benazir Bhutto,

A brilliant and outspoken woman

Beautiful in her colorful veil

I woke up to the horrible news of her death

And read the details in disbelief

Many others died in the explosion that followed

How can someone believe the way to heaven is through hell?

A profound sadness filled my morning

So many innocent lives

So much blood shed

I am sad for Pakistan

A country I only know from the news

As I write these words

People are setting cars on fire

Others wailing in despair

I am sad for humanity

Have mercy on us all

Rest in peace Benazir. May your children and your family find the strenght they need.


Blogger Andréa N. said...

Pois é. Postamos a mesma foto dela e quase o mesmo título...
Ainda tô chocada com essa história.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Anita said...

to tambem chocada, mas em transito nao estah dando para ler as noticias direito.


6:26 PM  
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