Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday Morning

As I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning,

My sleepy daughter still wrapped around my body,

I had yet to find out that across the world, in Lebanon,

Mothers were dying clutched with their children in a final embrace

Unable to protect them from the bombings

This is what hell must look like

I have a strange taste in my mouth

For I am also a mother

The pain stamped in those women’s faces

May as well be stamped on mine

The politicians announce the birth of a new middle-east

While death is all I see

Today, July 30, the deadliest day yet, around 50 people were killed in Lebanon, 34 of them children.

Domingo de Manhã

Quando eu acordei nessa bela manhã de domingo,

Minha filha adormecida e agarrada ao meu corpo,

Eu ainda não sabia que do outro lado do mundo, no Líbano,

Mulheres estavam morrendo agarradas aos seus filhos num abraço final

Incapazes de protegê-los dos bombardeios

É assim que deve ser o inferno

Sinto um gosto estranho em minha boca

Pois também sou mãe

A dor estampada no rosto daquelas mulheres

Poderia estar estampada no meu

Os políticos anunciam o nascimento de um novo oriente médio

Enquanto a morte é apenas o que vejo

Hoje, 30 de julho, foi o dia mais violento na guerra no Líbano até agora. Em torno de 50 pessoas morreram, entre elas 34 crianças.


Anonymous anita said...

A war is an ineffable thing! It strikes me badly the fact we entered the 21st century practicing this still barbaric and primitive form of power: war. Why don’t they learn with History?
Regina, similar to you it breaks my heart the fact the children are the victims. And my heart goes to all the mothers, and those who are suffering.

8:46 AM  
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